Wine versus Beer: Which Do Canadians Prefer?

Wine or beer? Which do Canadians like best? This was the question asked at an event recently. Kegs and More did some research and found interesting, but not surprising answers.

It is no secret that Canadians enjoy a drink while attending events and parties. Wine and beer are not all they enjoy, but these two alcoholic beverages were the focus.

For Wine

Wine comes in a large variety of types and flavours. It is a drink enjoyed worldwide by people from all walks of life. Images of Parisian cafés, friends at a restaurant, and a lady relaxing in the tub come to mind. Wine is a universal language shared by many.

Because of the different types of wine, opportunities and preferences are endless. Wine is ideal for cheese-and-wine evenings or dinner parties. Certain wines go with certain foods, which also enhances the experience. No matter whether the preference is red, white, or rosé, wine is enjoyed by many Canadians.

For Beer

beer-capsBeer is another versatile alcoholic beverage. It is hard to imagine a hockey game or home barbecue without a beer in hand. Beer is synonymous with sports events and festivals alike. Many people may think that beer is mainly a drink enjoyed by men, but that is far from true. Many women also enjoy a cold beer at these events.

Another thing that makes beer so popular in Canada is the local variants. There are many local breweries and craft beer options. Some of these beers are very popular locally and internationally.

The outcome of the question of beer versus wine was not surprising. Recent statistics indicate that approximately 57% of Canadians prefer beer. As mentioned, beer is a preferred beverage at many events. However, wine is not far behind and may even make this percentage a little less.

It seems reasonable to consider that wine and beer may almost be equally liked. The real difference in consumption may only be based on the type of event and the number of attendees.