Online Beer Shopping at our Fingertips, Literally

Kegs and More Liquor is happy to announce that our online store is mobile friendly and is functioning well. That’s right, no need to open your computer or laptop to order to favourite products. No need to give us a call.

It is as easy as texting or updating your Twitter page.

You can now purchase any alcoholic products with your smartphone. You’ll even find downloadable apps that will improve your online beer shopping experience.

Quick Orders


By accessing online liquor wholesalers via an app on your smartphone, you can easily order the products you want after only a couple of minutes. All orders are to be transmitted and processed in real-time.

Most online stores offer a monitoring feature to navigate if your beer order is coming or even right at the door.

Mobile integration is a big success as wholesalers can now exceed their average number of orders per day. People are also buying more products because of how convenient it is to order stuff online.

Getting in touch with customer support is also easier with most contact information integrated and can be easily accessed.

The innovation in smartphones continues to support all types of businesses including retail providers.

Big Orders


In the past most customers made big orders via phone calls. They were a bit reluctant to order several products online. We are happy to announce that mobile online stores are capable of handling, processing, and completing large orders. As mentioned before, all transactions are monitored in real-time.

So, if you want to order more than 100 items, go for it.



Smartphones these days are designed to support and operate several applications at the same time. There are even pending plans to further improve the functionality and speed of smartphones with the market expecting a boom.

For example, while you are buying your beers at online liquor stores, you can also play your favourite online casino games. Many of our readers sent us a message that they play casino games at Spin palace while waiting for their speed orders to arrive at their front doors.

With next-level processors and operating systems, smartphones these days make multitasking or multi-tabbing a peace of cake. It is also a great combination if you think about it.

Playing online casino games while waiting for your beer.You don’t need to worry about driving home because you are home.

Liquor Store Applications

More liquor store applications are on its way. With these apps, customers can create an account and it will make orders and communication a lot easier. They will get access to complete lists of products and on-demand products.

They can even review orders or transaction history through these apps.