Most events here in Canada serve liquor to guests or attendees. However, not all events bode well with beers. But, we are pretty sure that most events, not only here in Canada but all over the world suits beer.

Here are the top events we think will be more enjoyable and engaging with a wholesale order of beers.

Game Night


Game nights in Canada are a big deal. People having other people over their house for a fun night of playing games. It does not matter what games, as long as there is beer or wines, it is going to be a blast.

More and more people here in Edmonton are hosting game nights not only for their family and relatives, but also for friends.

We are hoping to promote this sort of activity wherein people can relax and just kick back with a beer with their loved ones. We are giving a little extra by the way for people throwing online casino game nights. If you need a suggestion about where to play, we highly suggest Ruby fortune.



Some people might disagree with this one. But, believe it or not, weddings are more fun with alcohol. There is champagne, wines or chardonnays in these events already. But, some people are opting for more liquor products to be served during the reception, not the wedding.

The wholesale order of different kinds of alcoholic beverages will help the bride and the groom save a lot of money in drinks. Several liquor products would suit the tone of a wedding and that is where the couple to be can focus on.



Fundraisers or maybe even auction events are also ideal events to make a wholesale order of alcoholic beverages. During these events, people get to socialize with each other and then participate during the main program.

Having a beer or maybe a glass of wine with them will surely make these events more exciting. Fundraisers are always a great opportunity for people to meet somebody new and make connections.

It is also a great opportunity for people to catch up and share stories. These events should always be nights of good food, good conversation and fine wine or beers or whatever.

If you want to make a wholesale order, you can connect with us via email or give us a call. You can also visit our office for a more personal conversation. Kegs and More offer good discounts for wholesale orders.

We also offer many wholesale packages you can choose from that will suit the tone of your event.We promote responsible drinking to make sure all of our customers and their loved ones are safe.