Wholesale Liquor Buying for Events: Should You or Not?

Canadians enjoy going to events and parties. A well-stocked bar is always a winner and makes people relax. Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to buy big. Casino game nights with Ruby fortune may need some wholesale shopping. There are several questions to ask to determine whether wholesale is the way to go.

What type of event?

3-Events-in-Need-of-a-Lot-of-Liquor-people-big-eventThe type of event is the main thing to consider. This will determine the number of people, the venue, how much alcohol is needed, etc. Smaller events like house parties, casino parties, and birthday celebrations probably do not require wholesale buys. Weddings, festivals, and concerts with many guests will need more than a quick run to the store.

A further consideration is needed for the type of event. Certain theme parties like casino nights, cocktail events, and weddings are expected to have liquor. It also carries an expectation of the types of liquor that will be available. For example, cocktail events say cocktails and shooters and maybe some wine. Sports events say beer.

How many people?

The type of venue will give an idea of how many people will attend. A guest list will further narrow down potential numbers. A good rule to go with is for events for 30 people or less, a trip to the liquor store should suffice. A few bottles of different liquors will do the trick. For more than 30 people, wholesale is likely to be a better option.

Is there a caterer?

Top-3-Canadian-made-Spirits-You-Should-Try-gin-rummyIf the event is catered by an outside company, they may have options for liquor. They could have their own suppliers or know good wholesale stores. If the caterer does offer to handle the alcoholic beverage supply, no need to worry about it anymore. If the event is being personally catered, look into wholesale options online.

What are the delivery options?

When looking for a wholesale supplier, look at the delivery options. Is there a minimum limit? Do they deliver to the specific venue? Would the planner have to pick up the order? Does the planner have the correct type of transport to collect the liquor? These questions will indicate whether wholesale is the right way to go.

Is there a discount involved?

Many wholesale suppliers offer discounts for purchases of more than a certain amount. For large events of more than 30 guests, the amount of liquor will likely require wholesale buying. Find out which liquor wholesalers offer discounts for the required amount of liquor and go with them.

In the end, buying wholesale is a judgement call. If the order is for more than 30 people, wholesale is probably best. It is also important to consider the minimum requirements for a discount. If your order falls only a little under, still consider it for the discount. You save money and have some extra liquor on hand for the next event.