Kegs and More is working with several event organizers here in Edmonton. We’ve supplied all of them with the best liquor products available to the city. After a couple of years of working with these amazing people, we were able to create the formula for a successful event.


When it comes to planning an event, no matter what event, it is important to have logistics to make sure everything goes according to plan. Logistics is not only an event guide with an itinerary breakdown.

It is a complete and complex set of guidelines about the party, the program and every single factor involved in making it happen and a success. If you need a boost, there are a bunch of event management software out there.

Food and Drink Catering

When it comes to catering food and beverages, you must catch attendees by surprise. It’s tricky to make sure food and beverage servings stand out in an event. But, if people are reacting well to everything being served, then they are sure to react well to everything else during the event.

You should choose the right selection of food that complements the tone of your event. For example, if you are staging a music concert, you can’t serve steak. Instead, you go with finger foods and easy-open beers.

A combination of finger food and a great choice of beers or wines is always a great way to go no matter what event. For example, business gatherings, launch parties, casino openings and more. Even for a casino opening or a gaming club mobile casino event.

It is always good to opt for easy to carry food and drink for all sorts of big events. You want people able to move around while snacking and drinking at the same time.

Catering Services

If you need help, we highly suggest getting experienced catering services for your upcoming event. We work with several restaurants and catering providers in Edmonton. We also offer you the best liquor products you want to be served at your event.

The Ultimate Guide to Event Planning

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